Colors of 2013 - May in Blue

Colors of 2013 - May in BLUE

We are back with May in Blue after a wonderful March in Green and April in White. I wanted to thank Karrie Brewer Drake for helping out during the last two months with the group while my life finds a new normal after losing my mother in law a few weeks ago and becoming caregiver to my father in law all in a heartbeat. I have had so much support both through family and friends and from my online community. Thank you all for being so kind.

Photos by: Eva Ricci            Left: Butterfly - Right: Tiffany Blue

Now lets get back to creating beautiful art for the soul and best of all create new work our portfolios and shops.

Blues have always been a soothing color to me, from oceans to clear blue skies. Shades of Turquoise, Baby Blues and Aquamarine. How about my favorite Tiffany Blue. You can enhance your color using Photoshop if you want to unify all your blues to create a gorgeous serie. The possibilities are endless even with one simple word "BLUE"

For some inspiration click HERE.

If you enjoy creating series of color photography
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