May in blue - Colors of 2013

May in BLUE wonderful creations

May in Blue was yet to be the most successful color. Full of inspiration, calm, serenity and beauty.
Here are what the talented photographers from the Colors of 2013 group shared with us.

Susan Gary

Abra Alani Cole

Aina Sæle Apelthun

 Amalia Ferreira-Espinoza

 Andrea McClain

  Barbara Gregurič Silič

 Boo Marshall

  Kathryn Belanger

 Jean Ladz Saxon

 Janice Darby


Claudia Willison

  Carrie Gault

 Katy Charlton

  Michele Larcheveque Catino

 Molly O'Bryon Welpott

 Nelleke Glasbergen

 Raylee O'Neill

  Sharon Surman

 Sharon Collins

 Robin Brenner McQuay Anderson

Derrika Baughman

Laura Evans

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