Dancing in the light with my tulips

The light just caught my eye today and I needed to do a little dance with it.

As you may have noticed from my work, I have a weakness for florals. Their petals and colors create an abstract canvas for me. But this is only when I am able to capture them UP CLOSE.

Since I got my new 5D mkII this past summer, my passion to follow the light in my photography slowly took the back seat. You see, I could only attach the 50mm to the 5D which is an amazing lens for portraits, but as you can see from my work, I LOVE detail, close up shots, macro.
I know... I know... I need the 100mm, but unfortunately that too is on the back burner... hopefully not for long.

For me getting up close allows me to create art, abstract forms, catch the light with splashes of colors and shapes. So today I went back to my little Rebel and attached the 55-250 zoom lens that I hate with a passion and began to study the light.

Ooohh! How much fun it is to see the light dancing like this. Cannot wait to get my hands on the macro lens.

All this said, here are a few SOOC except for some minor brightening tweaks in my raw files.

If you are wondering what light I used. It's simple... the sun. Back light does wonders for tulips.

Doing the happy dance.. I'm in love with these.