Did you ever want to group 3 or 4 photographs on your wall or better yet showcase in your shop but find it hard to find images that look good grouped together.
Well, why not work on creating collections in 2013.

Each month will have it's own color. The style, theme and subject will be all up to you. Weather you are a portrait photographer or a fine art photographer like myself this project is sure to add some fun to your portfolio. The creativity is endless and best of all you could customize your photos to suit your own style.

So here we go!
JANUARY will be RED... as we get ready for next month's Valentines.

Portrait photography by Anam Cara Photography
So lets start creating... if you are a portraits photographer, than dress up your client in red or do a close up of red lips, maybe make a little girl hold a red apple just for the fun of it.
If you are a fine art photographer, there are endless fruits that are red, or flowers (my favorite) or even a red door or a red book. Maybe it's that special romantic sunset ;)

You get the idea. CREATE in COLOR

How to participate:

1- Add your color theme images to this Flickr group. You should aim to post one image per week. Post as many as you wish but be sure to choose your top 4 amazing shots. This will allow you to select a quality portfolio. Remember quality over quantity.

2- Join the Facebook Group where I will be posting the color theme at the beginning of every month.
Since Flickr is not very easy to communicate in groups as they do not have notifications, this private closed FB group will allow us to share ideas and get news on the project and maybe make some new connections.
Also if you do not have a Flickr account please use the group to showcase your weekly post.

3- Once a month I will showcase 4 to 8 pieces from the previous month on my blog. Be sure to sign up to my newsletter.

Lets start the fun and remember no stress, no obligations. We all know life can get busy so don't worry if you cannot post once a week, just keep the creative flow throughout the year.