It's not everyday that one can shout out
"I'm sending a personalized gift to Sarah Jessica Parker!!!!".
Well, guess what, that day arrived for me and 29 other talented artisans through
The Artisan Group
and I could not be more thrilled.

So... I quickly began to think of what can I make using my Fine Art photography that
Sarah Jessica would LOVE, other than my Fine Art Photography prints. 

Out came my sketchbook, and my new line of Matte Satin Fine Art photography clutches was designed.  How exciting!!!!!

This clutch was printed in Montréal on the finest matte satin {Peau de Soie} and handcrafted by myself. The image that is showcased on this clutch is PINK LADY which reminds me of Sarah Jessica's beauty and sense of style.

I also wanted to include a little something for each and every member of her family so I selected 5 different images and customized a bookmark for each of them with their names on it and an inspirational word on the back. These were printed on archival matte paper that has a soft finish that just makes the colors pop. These 5 bookmarks are finished off with a satin ribbon to match each image.

The Special gift to Sarah Jessica Parker was topped off with a personal note written by myself on a custom size note card that features the same image as the clutch and signed with a xo.

I truly hope she likes this.