Colors of 2013 - December in Red/Green - White/Blue

So 2013 comes to an end and it is celebrated with these warm colours 
that just evoke all that is special to us during the Holiday season.

I would like to thank all the members of this colour challenge FB group. 
They have been so supportive throughout the year when I needed them most. They have been so creative and inspiring, they have picked up the 
slack when I could not cope and they have lifted my spirit throughout this most difficult year. I put 2013 behind me but I will forever cherish these beautiful images created here and the friendships I have found.

Happy New Year to all of you.
2014 here we come!

Diana Taylor

Alana Gillett

Katerina Vodrazkova

Alana Gillett

Sue Zellers

Aina Sæle Apelthun

Janice Darby

  1  January in Red
  2  February in Pink
  3  March in Green
  4  April in White
  5  May in Blue
  6  June in Yellow
  7  July in Purple
  8  August in Shades of Grey
  9  September in Brown
10  October in Orange
11  November in Turquoise & Gold
12  December in Red/green - White/Blue

Happy New Year!


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  1. Great job everyone! These look beautiful.

  2. What a year it has been! Thank you for putting it/us all together, Eva